How to Simplify Home Theater Speakers Setups

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In this article I will be talking about installing home theater systems. Typically, every home theater system consists of a few crucial components. In most cases, the AV receiver will contain a Blu-ray or DVD player as well as amplifiers for each channel. Most likely, the AV receiver will also contain additional functionality. The trick is to set up everything so that it works as intended. The biggest challenge obviously is running all the speaker cable connections. If you are setting up a modern 7.1 or even 9.1 surround sound system, you will be faced with the daunting challenge. You will have to install no less than eight or 10 speakers in your room.

They are some wireless systems which promise to make this task simpler. Some home theater in a box systems already include wireless surround speakers. Those wireless speakers are usually already paired with the correct channel of the …

How to Avoid Sparks When Connecting Power Amplifiers

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Recently I have purchased some amplifiers for my home. However, I noticed that often there is a visible spark when plugging in the wallwart. I have found ways for eliminating the spark and I will show you some tips and how you can do so.

Before I talk about how to eliminate the unwanted spark, let me discuss the reason for the spark. Almost every electronic device such as switch mode power supplies or audio amplifiers have internal decoupling capacitors. These capacitors are necessary to stabilize the internal supply voltage. However, before the power supply is connected with the device, this capacitor is usually discharged. That means that there is no electronic charge stored inside the capacitor.

When plugging in the wallwart power supply, the capacitor will be charged with the power supply voltage. Due to the low resistance of the power supply cord, the current which flows when the DC connector …

How Well the Wireless Speakers Work Outdoors?

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In this post, I’m going to focus on wireless speakers. The primary use of wireless speakers thus far has been inside the house. I will figure out whether wireless speakers can be used outside of the house. I will also review some criteria which speakers in general have to meet in order to be suitable for applications outdoors.

wireless speakers for outside the house

There are several vendors which manufacture wireless speakers which are suitable for outdoors. Most notably, Soundcast specializes in outdoor speakers. There also other manufacturers that offer such products. For example, Amphony wireless outdoor models come pair closely to the Soundcast products. Where both of these product lines excel is in the wireless transmission range. The range is essential because in outdoor applications, the speakers are usually far away from the transmitter.

In indoor applications, on the other hand, speakers are usually fairly close. However, there’s one exception in case of indoor wireless speakers. If …

A Look at Some Useful Audio Equipment for Musical Instruments

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If you like playing an instrument then it makes sense to purchase equipment to enhance the audio experience. Also, if you are interested in getting a life performance, you will by definition have to have certain types of equipment. I will give you a quick overview of some common types of equipment and also offer some buying recommendations.

Every life performance requires some decent speakers. Usually, speakers used in performances are active speakers. Active speakers have a built an amplifier. Obviously, passive speakers will work as well but you have more equipment to set up. Also, if the amplifier separate from the speakers then there’s a chance that the speaker cable connection can break which would be a bad thing happening during the performance. There are several companies which specialize in making active speakers for musicians. These speakers have all the controls on top of the speaker easily accessible. Those controls would …

What to Look out for When Purchasing a Home Theater Receiver

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Home theater systems have seen increasing sales even during the great recession. That says something about the huge popularity of people being able to watch movies at home. If you decades ago, the only place to watch movies where movie theaters. However, all that has changed with the introduction of the DVD. Nowadays, people prefer watching movies in the living room versus having to spend big bucks for movie theater tickets. Also, many owners of movie theaters have found ways to increase revenue by showing ads which further has annoyed audiences. Not only has it become more convenient to rent DVDs but also they are online services which specialize in streaming movies. So you don’t even have to leave your house anymore in order to watch. However, the proper movie watching experience requires that you have good equipment. Obviously, having a good television or a good projector is essential. New LED televisions …

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